We work closely and in cooperation with entrepreneurs, business owners and residential households for the installation of solar systems that would cater their needs as to the reduction of the energy spending which is major component of their operational expenditure, helping them to be more financially efficient in terms of the business operations’ energy spending. This is supported by way of harnessing free energy from the sun thru Solar Technologies available.


The country’s premier provider of solar power technology. Helping Filipinos regardless of their social status and location. Offering the opportunity and capability in their quest to be self reliant and autonomous in electricity needs through renewable energy.

Provide the future generations with a conducive and clean environment to live in, resulting from the enormous reduction of CO2 emissions out of this advocacy.


To be in-phase with the global solar technology and provide Filipinos with equal opportunity to own a PV, photovoltaic solar system set-up satisfying the answer for a cheaper alternative energy source suited for their needs.

To deliver the best solar services in terms of hardware components, workmanship and quality with optimized performance at the lowest cost possible.


Our corporate values is centered on “customer satisfaction”. This shall be supported and strengthened with management and teams’ values that shall include:

  • Business mindset
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Respect
  •  Ownership and Accountability
  • Teamwork


  • To be in-phase with global solar technology updates thru research and education
  • To obtain the most economic, reliable, tested hardware components available in the solar industry for consumer installations and provisions thru dealership
  • To provide end customers with the highest quality, reliable and optimized performance of solar installations
  • To establish leadership and commendations from end customers as proof of the company’s performance and business integrity